Artist Statement

For a considerable amount of time throughout my practice I have been captivated by the theory of distortion and how I could potentially alter the viewers perception of a subjects original or true state. Distortion could also be defined as the changing, manipulating or transforming in a way, which creates some form of unclearness.

With finding a strong connection to my sleeping condition called ‘sleep paralysis’ (which is a condition which affects the subconscious mind, most often when one is falling into or out of a deep sleep), I’ve been able to express a more personal development through my own distorted and vivid visions. As a result of the intensity of these happenings, they have driven me to begin documenting through collage, photography and most recently video. I almost always merge my photography within my collages as I feel this isn’t just a way to express more prominent links but it also tells an abstract story. Through fading manipulations and uses of many layers and textures, I am then able to really bring my collages to life. Silhouettes appear and mark-making often gives a finishing touch. My video work often stimulates from my photography,  with also expressing the sounds and feels gathered from my sleep. Changing the speed and imagery quite harshly throughout, I have been able to bring my ‘nightmares’ to a sense of ‘blurred realism’. My most recent photography are an extension from my video work and I have worked to capture the eeriness and shadowing in particular risen from these dark places.

I am currently working on a smaller book of ‘distorted collages’, where I am considering how my everyday encounters may be interacting with my sleep. Whether it’s something I watch or something someones said to me which has stuck with me, I feel documenting these small things could build up my work to a whole new level.

“The artist creates by selecting, arranging, and deforming” – Kurt Schwitters.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 17.32.23


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