Final outcomes for summer project


From all my previous documentations I wanted my final collages to contrast between the more structured and flowing. They both have became abstract and keep to my theme of using rubbings. This kept to the forms of a time and a place and following a structure. The fading out qualities played with the old architecture and the delicate interior.

With continuing my own practise, I have considering focusing on a person and their everyday whereabouts. how they may react to not only the camera itself but their surroundings. Watching their mood and asking random to more personal questions whilst recording/taking photos will strengthen my ideas hopefully. My overlapping and fading qualities have made me also think about how i could manipulate my documents to a more distorted and disfigured state. Whether relating to personal issues or state of mind on the day, I think these experiments could become something eerie but endearing.


Pulling towards a more final composition


After trying out some different ways of presenting my documentations, I started to consider my collages as a more final composition. Spacing and texture became crucial and I wanted the marks to be a cross between the simple and the more complex/overlapped. Folding the rubbings gave a sense of touch and the cracks which showed up from this worked well with the old surfacing at work. Using stamps gave a sense of time and placement.

black & white rubbings



As well as being influenced by work, having time alone at home after brought me to make further documentations. As this was more of a time where I’d find myself in deep thoughts and wanting to be away from everything/one, black & white seemed only fitting. Rubbings on my fire and the bottoms of shoes tended to create more of an intriguing pattern and came up alot clearer then previous experiments.

‘Taking advantage of a hot summer’s day’



As we have a lovely outside area with a canal I wanted to take advantage of the few hot days we got during summer. I would say these were my most abstract of my drawings.Using a wide range of implements and then just simply a pencil, was interesting to see how the overall appearances ended up becoming quite different from one another. I focused alot on the lighting coming off the canal and the shapes formed from this.

Further developments


At this point I was really keen on expanding on the architecture in a more abstract sense. As we were chatting about how the pub needs a refurbishment, I found myself creating work which had snippets of shapes and patterns that came to mind for a new plan. Overlapping was still at it’s strongest and I found myself giving it quite an urban edge, printed marks and rubbings added depth and contrasted effectively.