Publicising for my upcoming exhibition.

Now that the posters been printed, I’ve gone out and started promoting ready for the exhibition. It’s been really exciting getting it out there and it’s now time to get on with the work for the exhibition and setting up for it!!!! Jodie’s Instagram post worked well on the emphasis of the purple and I really hope we get a good turn out now! I’ve also posted on Facebook and twitter – got to get those shares and audience attention!


‘DinahVagina’; Private viewing evening!

I have already gone into detail in an earlier post of what this exhibition entails but it was lovely to meet the artist at her private viewing and show my support, especially as I am now becoming part of the invigilation and community of the arcade team.

‘Work which demonstrates the 135 woman of 2012, killed in a range of ways by a close relative, sexual partner or a small minority of which were strangers’.

I’ve also emailed the team to give the artist some feedback from my invigilating. It was interesting to see a range of peoples responses to the work on this evening and the artist told me she was worried people would be upset by the concept but I did measure her it was more of an overwhelming, fascinating experience from I had witnessed.

This work has also really made me think about how I’m building up my own practice around mental health. There’s actually so many ways in which you can portray a concept and it’s bow time for me to really start thinking about this. The way Dinah drew the audience in with the spacing is a key element I definitely want to bring to my exhibition, as I want the audience to really experience my work, become part of it and feel a sensation.

Kongs Exhibition poster

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.12.39

After a week of fiddling and adjusting the Kongs poster to try and meet everyone’s preferences, I finally got a final design. I do tend to take lead in these type of things but tried my best to fit to everyone, this proved a lot more difficult than anticipated! I came into Uni at the start of the week and started working on designs based from Charlie’s text choices. The majority of us decided to go with the colour palette of green and purple, Grace found more exact shades which complimented one another very well. we wanted sophistication with an element of pop and the green seems to do just that. I did originally try out everyones work in the poster and in going forward for another exhibition with less participants, this may work more effectively but for this exhibition the clear concise approach seems to work effectively. Below are a few alternatives I tried but just didn’t seem to have the clearness of the chosen poster above. Abbey also tried a new poster with Paloma’s design, a few others felt this may give wrong impression and it may then only seem like it’s that type of work being shown at the exhibition. Again I do agree with that approach will work better for an exhibition for a group of 3/4 of us. These ideas were also brought forward bit too late after a week of trying to fit to everyones desires. The most important factor at this stage is the fact of how clear the poster is and that we get it publicised as much as possible. We have also got a Facebook page up and running, with plenty of invites for everyone!

CornerCoffee Submissions!

I am really excited after submitting my work for Cornercoffee’s display upstairs and show downstairs, to have been accepted to have one of my pieces on display! I’ve even been shortlisted to be part of the show! I’m really excited and either way happy to have got this far! I’ve been really grasping what I want my work to ultimately portray lately and especially towards the audience; a sensation, moment, some shock value and it feels the perfect time to get it out there and let it do it’s thing!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 17.53.37.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-12 at 18.11.25.png

Arcade Invigilation

After recently getting into contact with Arcade Cardiff and 3 Doors Up, I have had the chance to get involved and take part in Invigilating for their current artists exhibiting work. They have also informed me that I will have the chance to have a small abstract on part of their website as part of the invigilation, exhibiting and artist team. As a newly found member I will also be getting a badge and bag, it’s really exciting to feel more part of an artist establishment and to take part in artist events. I am also currently in discussion to having an exhibition of my own held there with a few other students, being part of the galleries team has it’s perks as I’ve also been informed they’re more inclined to helping us set up for being part of their team. Exciting times ahead!!

My first day of invigilating, although being slightly initially nervous, pushed me to just go for it and be my best professional self! The artist I was exhibiting for goes by the name ‘DinahVagina’, her current work explores a collection of images representing the 135 women murdered by men during 2012. Most killed by those known intimately to them or close family members, of those 135, only 11 were killed by strangers.

She also has a display of ceramic pieces which referred to some of the weapon choices made by perpetrators. Some of these weapon choices were as drastic as a Hammer, Wrench or even burnt to death. These imprints made the exhibition feel so much more powerful and striking, you really got a feel for the intensity of the situations by seeing the harsh markings.

Finally there were 135 rounds of willow curve; describing the completed lives of the women. Each circle is in size, related to the age at which each women was killed from the youngest at 15 to the oldest at 88. Whilst invigilating these circles did leave some wonder to why those shapes as portrayal as such but the audience definitely felt intrigued, an overall fascination and overwhelming feeling from the exhibition. The way they were lay out across the back of the room also gave a nice drawing in factor, it all just seemed to come together.

This experience has really made me want to push myself and have my own exhibition, who knows what the future could bring now! This current exhibition is up for 2 weeks also which is great! (Private showing on 14/02/18 6-8pm)






3 doors up exhibition was so exciting! There was such an interesting range of art on show and I had such an interesting conversation with one of the artist exhibitionists called Ronnie Houselander Cook, the fact that the show is up for two weeks and the artists have the chance to change the work on show half way through, is amazing. The variety of art on show really reminded me of how broad and adventures you can be in Art and to just go for what you are inspired and taken by!

I did become quite hard to figure out who’s art was who’s from the booklet handed out as the names weren’t on show by the art but I really appreciated the chance to read through all the artists statements with links to their blogs also!

I’ve recently applied to exhibit with a few other students which I’m really looking forward to and I’m also volunteering with them and Arcade Cardiff on a few upcoming dates! Any chances for more experience I am thankful for at the moment! Exciting times!!!!!!

Uni Workshop Application

Student Placement: Studio and Workshops

As part of my developing practice, I am working to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible. I hope in getting this job, i’ll be able to really push myself and build on my professional developments. Any type of opportunity in regards to my course and professional developments is extremely important to me.