End of year Exhibition

Now that the end of the years coming to a close, I’ve successfully set up for my exhibition next week and couldn’t be more excited! I feel I’ve really grown this year and really came to understand my work in terms of scale and layering. I’ve started to develop a video and took myself way out of my comfort zone. The collages emulate my reactions to vivid sleeping conditions and keep to this idea of collecting materials which my trigger these vile nightmares. I’m really pleased the space I’ve been handed and couldn’t be any happier right now!

IMG_6713 copy


Merging subject and Field together

IMG_6661 copy

My most recent piece shows a set of three canvases which illustrate where I’ve got to with the merging of subject and field. I wanted to finally test how the two similar but ever so different styles work when put together. I feel using plenty of white space helped to build up the piece a three set. I’ve used more colour but not gone to wild with it and i’ve balanced out the structural marks with the more expressive. Using images from both helped balance out the interlocking and I feel the outcome really works as a combination. Although I do think If I used bigger canvases then maybe I could have pushed the overlap to a whole new level.

IMG_6667 copy

IMG_6664 copy

‘It’s all fun and games’ & ‘Numb’ – collage set


IMG_6679 copy

After making a larger canvas piece, I felt that this was a great place to now carry on working on this medium. I decided I wanted to make a set of two. The first of which took longer to make, I wanted to cover the whole area this time so sensor around the idea of cluster and distress. Keeping to using some of my own images throughout, these fitted in contrast with the video and photos. The dark textures blended well and merging white acrylic over the top calmed down any outstanding colours and gave another layer to the blurring techniques. Close ups of this piece help to really capture the amount of layering I’ve worked with. Using found materials made the work feel more personal and added to this idea of distorted memories, like little snippets of memories which may be triggered within my sleep.

The second piece titled ‘numb’ was based on the idea of dealing with the disorder for so long now, that I’ve become ‘Numb’ to even thinking about it, it’s now got to the point of just dismissing it and pushing to the back of my mind. The coat of white acrylic is symbolising these factors especially and the use of red seeping though acts as the little voice in the back of my mind, telling me it’s never going to get better. Using bigger blocked materials gave a new feel to the larger collage work, it made me feel to a degree more free and expressive in the way I can work.

Canvas tester experiments

IMG_6657 copy

In the developing process of making my set of two canvas collages, i wanted to test out methods and different ways of layering on some mini pieces of canvas. I learned that making areas more intricate than others and then using larger images, helps build more overall impact and using materials such as masking tape and tracing paper, work effectively for blurring and calming down the more harsh tones. Finishing touches such as buttons and emulsion balance out the spacing and where some of the materials become larger. not covering the beneath material completely becomes apparent to not overwhelm the piece as a whole and I now feel ready to make the larger pieces!

Artist Statement

For a considerable amount of time throughout my practice I have been captivated by the theory of distortion and how I could potentially alter the viewers perception of a subjects original or true state. Distortion could also be defined as the changing, manipulating or transforming in a way, which creates some form of unclearness.

With finding a strong connection to my sleeping condition called ‘sleep paralysis’ (which is a condition which affects the subconscious mind, most often when one is falling into or out of a deep sleep), I’ve been able to express a more personal development through my own distorted and vivid visions. As a result of the intensity of these happenings, they have driven me to begin documenting through collage, photography and most recently video. I almost always merge my photography within my collages as I feel this isn’t just a way to express more prominent links but it also tells an abstract story. Through fading manipulations and uses of many layers and textures, I am then able to really bring my collages to life. Silhouettes appear and mark-making often gives a finishing touch. My video work often stimulates from my photography,  with also expressing the sounds and feels gathered from my sleep. Changing the speed and imagery quite harshly throughout, I have been able to bring my ‘nightmares’ to a sense of ‘blurred realism’. My most recent photography are an extension from my video work and I have worked to capture the eeriness and shadowing in particular risen from these dark places.

I am currently working on a smaller book of ‘distorted collages’, where I am considering how my everyday encounters may be interacting with my sleep. Whether it’s something I watch or something someones said to me which has stuck with me, I feel documenting these small things could build up my work to a whole new level.

“The artist creates by selecting, arranging, and deforming” – Kurt Schwitters.

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