Key concept lecture 1

Conclusion :- Post Modernism

-And end of faith in the ‘Grand Narrative’

-Absolute values lost

-Singularity gives way to pluralism: micro-politics

Take over from macro-politics

High/popular culture – distinction lost.


Local politics – tending towards subjects such as feminism – (micro)


(Macro)- Popular -Depth model of meaning lost – there is no depth – all things levelled, under pressures of capitalism.

David. Oath of Horatii, 1784


-God’s given the power to rule, sacrificing individual right – in the rights to fight.

Manet, Rue Mosnier with flags, 1878


-Trying to create efficiency – ways of selling – drawing customers in but when actually experiencing feels chaotic/less organised. Challenging artists who created classical, he’s away from the norm.

Jackson Pollock:Modernism


-Becomes quite diverse; Greenberg’s idea of abstract expressionism becoming a reductive notion.

Robert Rauschenberg


-Paints from the world – Manhattan; Introduces into his work. Sparks of abstract expressionism. Kind of mocks the art form – loss of direction? -Refers to the broader world – clearer appropriation.

Andy Warhol, Multiple


-Repetition – exposed continuously to reproduction, there’s nothing authentic essentially. Effectively making a commercial image – superficial world.

Summer Project: ‘My Summer Journey’

For this project we were tasked in developing our own practises through documenting our Summer in some way, shape or form. I found that I spent most of my Summer working at the local pub I return to each holiday and therefore leaned towards creating work which expressed this environment. The main ways in which I found myself doing so were through rubbings and mark makings which then turned into collages and interesting imagery. I wanted the main focus to be around how marks, textures and patterns can symbolise a specific time and place personal to me and how I’ve been able to express and depict that in my own way. This project had also helped  me to move forward and enhance on from my Field project at the end of last term. Alot of what I was developing at that point seemed to interlock and this in itself helped tremendously. I looked at documenting when I went to New York and the idea of collecting and using ‘waste’ objects to depict a journey and experience. Artist’s such as Robert Rauschenberg and Kurt Schwitters were at the forefront of this development and their influences of focusing around a similar subject and creating art work which illustrates experience and places they’ve been/seen, helped and adds to my own personal development. Considering layering to overlap experiences and texture to create a feeling of the place are both extremely important aspects for me in the success of my art.