Material project: video following on from subject development

after talking about and prepping for my video, I went on and made a representative piece. In terms of relating to my subject, the sounds you can hear are from recordings i made whilst sleeping and are meant to correspond to the ideas of feeling suffocated by an ‘unknown’ mask. You may feel like you’re moving rapidly, slightly or not at all still but the fact remains of you being conscious but feeling helpless until you properly wake. The relations to my material project are where I spoke about researching into black Friday and being disregarded as a person. (date research)


Cling film experimentation

As I move into a focus around distortion and my research into sleep paralysis, I started to think about how my own issues with the subject have previously made me feel. Trying to wake yourself and feeling paralyzed isn’t pleasant at all and I wanted to create some photography which almost symbolized these experiences. As well as this area, the subject of distortion plays a big part with feeling like I’m suffocating, and with sometimes having the feeling as if someones there hurting me but everything’s just a blur. the shadowing of the photos play a big part in this and could be something a play further with.

Sleep Paralysis Project

Sleep paralysis is a condition which effects many of us when falling in or out of a deep sleep, it can effect you in so many different ways and can be quite terrifying in itself in the build up to having a good nights sleep.

Devil In The Room is a mixed-media short film about sleep paralysis, completed in 2013. The film uses stop motion animation, live action film and projection mapping techniques to evoke and explore the worlds experienced between sleeping and waking.

Throughout my own research and development of practical work, I am starting to research into the effects of sleep paralysis and trying to understand truly how it can make a person feel and react. With distortion being a large aspect of this ‘disorder’, I want to experiment and look at the effects of this eerie nightmare.

This video from the sleep paralysis project website explores the depths and inner understanding of just how tormenting and disturbing it can be to deal with.

As a sufferer myself and earlier this year finally dealing with the horrible depths of the ‘nightmare’, I feel I am really able to understand and relate these personal experiences through my own practice.


Material Project: Mask Photography




For the second part of our material project we were tasked with making some form of performance piece with our chosen prop from the task undertaken during class. I wanted my piece to relate to the collages and videos i’ve began developing through subject. I made a mask as my ‘prop’, out of paper prints of my face photography. Overlapping and tearing away, I was able to collage the face just right so you could see my face just enough beneath. This enhanced the eeriness and mysterious of the photos. The mask continues to illustrate the rearch into sleep paralysis i’ve started and this idea of the ‘unkown’.