A post which is expressing the ongoing processes of my videos.

It all starts with the use of the direct contact of a mobile phone or digital camera and builds from there on-wards.



Movement immediacy – direct reflections upon awakening.


Learning not to go overboard with layering and editing so that I loose the tactile immediacy qualities of the boomerangs.


My video developments have become this sort of ongoing process from when I first started and accepted the fact of having a sleep condition (17/09/15). Rounded up the more significant processes over my journey which demonstrate not only how much my techniques have built but how much and how many different experiences I’ve had over this duration of time. From amateur to refinement and confident selections.


Inkspot Arts & Crafts Centre Cardiff SUBMISSION

I have been looking into staying in Cardiff over Summer and possibly a few months after before going home and hopefully completing an artist residency in Birmingham.

It would be great to have the opportunity so continue working in an open space such as this, I feel this would also be a great stepping stone towards moving forward to a residency. I plan to obviously keep up my artist practice whilst completing a residency so this furthers my point even more so of building myself up as an artist leading to further research of an MA course.

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Storytelling’ Open Exhibition: Artist Call out submission – SUCCESS!

After getting an unexpected quick response from the team to exhibit my work at Cardiff’s storytelling exhibition, they have selected which work they would like in their exhibition. As you can see in the email, my videos and some photography are deemed too explicit for some of the audience which is a shame but it’s quite exciting to be showing my sound work alone as I’ve not really tried it out in this context before. I’m thinking of printing the images quite big as I feel this will give more impact and intensity to the subjects at hand.Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 01.32.35.png

‘Storytelling’ Open Exhibition: Artist Call out SUBMISSION

I’ve been doing some research online into finding some artist opportunities such as competitions, residencies and exhibitions and came across Cardiff’s upcoming ‘Storytelling’ Open Exhibition. I currently hope to be able to exhibit my two latest videos which reflect a conversation, a sound piece and some photos.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 01.21.06Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 01.23.18Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 01.23.36


My video developments have become this sort of ongoing process from when I first started and accepted the fact of having a sleep condition (17/09/15). I’ve rounded up the more significant processes over my journey which demonstrate not only how much my techniques have built but how much and how many different experiences I’ve had over this duration of time.

Looking back the first felt a lot more amateur. There were some interesting distorting and slowly emerging layering techniques but you can see there was still a lot more which could be done with it.

When I got to the point of formative, I considered recordings which recorded myself imitating what I could remember moments after awakening and before this recorded myself sleeping on a few various occasions.

I felt by doing this I could put to the test, if I actually do move or doing anything at all – How much is in my head? And then actually reenact what I can remember from the sleep paralysis. This way it doesn’t feel as artificial and I don’t get into the habit of having to make parts up which I’m struggling to remember.

One of my favourite parts at the point was the broken, pixelated part with the mask. If gives an unexpected, shock factor. It reminds me of the on edge feeling I got when watching the film ‘The Strangers’ – In this film, a group of masked individuals, tormented a couple until they eventually killed them. I mean I don’t want anyone dying here but it’s that on edge, intense atmosphere which inspired and what I relate to with my experiences.

I’ve finally got to a point now of refining and selecting which parts of my ongoing videos need to be longer or shorter than others. I’ve added blurred close-ups which demonstrate weird, uncomfortable noises of myself and Jodie. Jodie is referenced in my work due to the large impact-ful stage of my condition where it became very sexualised. I think this had a big thing to do with how much close time I spent with her during that period. Jodie is a very touchy, needy person and I’m quite the opposite so maybe this came out confusingly internally.  The heavy breathing and odd noises represent the noises I thought I was making when struggling to awake at this period especially.

Now that I’m so used of the experiences, even when really vile, I try to just accept and wait for them to pass but the moment something new emerges it’s like another mind fuck.

Mixing collaged layers with singular images works well I think. You are getting an enticing experience which is then conflicted by the intensity of what the visuals are actually displaying.

I just love the idea that people are getting a feeling from my experiences and different people are reading it in different ways just as I do the more my experiences change, enhance and begin to stop.



-Correlation between two films; How they work against one another and how they evoke sensations from the artists experiences from the use water and prints. A conversation between two films.

Richards speaks about the more personal use of a small under water camera. This idea that you can reproduce something quite casually and cheaply with just the extension of a hand. This comment reminded me straight away of how I use my mobile phone as a direct, cheap source to directly resonate with my own personal happenings.


Resists completion through it’s constant usage of manipulation – My relate through the fact of my work not necessarily feeling like it needs to be a finished ‘piece’ but an ongoing reaction, experience into the changes of my sleep condition/.


Sounds which triggered memories towards my sleep paralysis – and of which reminded me of sounds I’ve recorded with my mobile phone. Looking and listening to the speakers at the chapel whilst being in Venice, felt more powerful. The space and atmosphere added to the eeriness of the sounds.

Looking into and seeing work which moves from room to room and space to space has inspired me to pin point this within the progression towards my installation. As Richards states himself; “you don’t just read a piece of work but across works”.




Good response – going in the right direction. Headphones maybe get a bit lost if not mentioned to as where they are.



The different stages from my critical debate to having my own solo show have helped me to figure out different areas of my work which do and do not work in preparation for my degree show.

The business of the projection at Kongs felt rushed and too separate from my other work, The wires felt way too distracting and messy in my gap crit and using the TV’s on a kind of plinth at Corner Coffee made me realise that this kind of set-up works for my films without becoming too clique. No one wants to be practically on the floor to look at something – this way there’s still a feel of being consumed but not to a point which I feel works best at all angles.