Hannah Höch



Hoch is most famously known for her images which portrayed strong social commentaries, political messages, and sarcastic humor. Her work often depicts around the subject of her love life, having three entirely different relationships at different points throughout her life. As a growing feminist, she focuses around the subject medium of androgynous figures and a mixture of fine and applied arts to comment on gender roles and femininity in 20th century Germany.

all these different points that Hoch draws up on have recently got me thinking even more about the different thoughts that go through my head not only consciously but with my subconscious terrors. Where she draws upon different thought processes through her love life and commentaries she reads upon, I want to bring these thoughts and so forth through in a way which  I feel may react in my sleep paralysis. Whether this is through just noting down strong words and phrases I hear, read or even say myself, I think it will be interesting to see if any of this comes through in my sleep or if it sometimes even makes a completely new reaction. Also, actually noting down some mornings what i remember from my sleep terrors may help the development of my practice.


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