Sophie Calle

Calle is a French writer, photographer and installation artist who’s work evokes eerie tendencies and frequently depicts human vulnerability, and portrays identity and intimacy. She is recognized for her detective-like ability to follow strangers and investigate their private lives. With her photographic work often including panels of text of her own writing, her work can become deeply personal and expressive.

After going through a phase of boredom and not knowing what to do next, Calle began following people in the streets and one her most famous quests was when she asked to sleep in stangers beds:

During her stalking days, a friend asked if she could sleep in Calle’s bed. “That made me think it would be fun to have someone in bed all the time.” So she asked friends and strangers to sleep in the bed for eight hours; one participant thought there was going to be an orgy. It sounds like a conceptual art project. “It wasn’t,” counters Calle. “It only became so when the wife of a critic told him about it. He came along. He said, ‘Is this art?’ and I said, ‘It could be.'” She took photographs and wrote down everything everyone said. The result was The Sleepers, text and photographs that could readily have hung on her father’s walls.

After reading up on Calle’s stalking tendencies, I have starting thinking not only how I could document more frequently how my collages react with my sleep and daily antics but how what people say, impact within my sleep and what words and phrases people say stick in my mind the most.


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