In the development of my constellation artistic practise I have really enabled myself to let loose and delve deeper into the understanding of my own work in relation to the building up of my lectures and the continuing processes I’ve continued with since.

The lectures gave me the confidence to consider new words and concepts I never thought I’d even consider before. The lectures entailed an effective case study around the artist called Jessica Stockholder ‘Garbage pails and giddy Cunning: medium & Differential Specificity’ – Where we as a class attempted to unpack and understand the topics medium and differential specificities. For example, by using Stockholder’s installation as an understanding; we were working towards using this idea of a play on with words by possibly specifying identity through a relationship between the T.V. programme and it’s secondary sources. By looking at boundaries and form in particular and whether the materiality and the dimensions of the installation actually have any boundaries Stockholder’s installation was then able to depict the general specificties more appropriately.

Specificity: Each piece of art does something specific. No piece of art is the same.

I found these lectures pretty challenging at times but as time went on I found myself getting to grips with what these specifities stand for and how they actually really help to unpack ones understanding of a subject in a more thorough manner. The medium specificties helped one to consider what the materials are used for; artwork/sources researched to develop – make the work have an understanding. Critical understanding – The artist themselves e.g. could be a performance piece. – Experience – documenting places you’ve been – languages/ideas. And then the differential specificties of ones work would be the questioning of the substance behind ones work and the understanding of the work being illustrated. – How is the work explained/defined? Is it a stable definition? – loop holes?…

Once I came to the end of these classes I found myself overwhelmed but truly inspired! I was slightly anxious to use these definitions for my proposal but felt I had gained too much knowledge to not at least give it ago. In the previous essay I was really happy with the feedback but was told areas could have been touched on more. After reading back on my essay now, I still feel as if I’ve maybe still not gone into enough depth in areas but maybe what I need now is to be pushed to which areas are actually more worth running with.

Distortion is the topic I’ve ran with and been running with a good while now and I feel a growing connection to as it’s the main substance and core to my personal artistic practise. – Distortion is the act of altering something of its original or true state. It could also be defined as the changing, manipulating or transforming in a way, which creates some form of unclearness. Another reason for choosing this as the theory to run my proposal around is was as I’ve been directing the theory to my sleeping disorder.- Sleep Paralysis which is a condition which affects the subconscious mind, most often when one is falling into or out of a deep sleep. Your mind is aware to an extent but the rest of you can take up to a few minutes to react. Distortion has been altering my sleep in many cases and creating disorientation, blurring and so forth and as an outcome creates confusion and discomfort. I’ve gone onto really reinforcing these issues within the proposal in relation to other artists work.

Using subheadings such as collaging, blurring, and deforming, I’ve been able to delve deeper into how artists understand the theory of distortion. It’s been a massive help in the fact of just learning how each artist understands the theory and use it to relate within their works. As happy as I am with the build of certain areas within the proposal, I still feel like I could maybe of expanded areas and even researched further into sleep paralysis to get to grips with comparing how my work goes against or relates to the other artists work.

I have also gone onto using a couple of theorists named Louis Althusser and Clement Greenberg. Althusser made a strong argument which explained basically needing the conceptualisation or text/explanation of the artists work to get a true understanding of the art. So adding that he may argue for one to really define why I’ve chosen distortion as a theory and considering the ‘differential’ specificities has made an interesting debate within my proposal to how we as artists see our own work. Greenberg looks more into the medium specificties and considering the theory of what actually do we as artists see as the medium when creating our art. I was able to consider maybe my mind being the medium as in theory it is the original route to the ongoing creations of my practice.

I do worry that I ramble on sometimes and maybe when I do find a relatively strong quote as such, I lose the substance and go off track. At this point I do feel it’s the best time to venture into different areas to be able to find out where I need to focus in the build up to the dissertation.

Bruce Nauman’s weird installations and video work have lately help me to open up a new door within my art and find many pointers for within the proposal. Considering the many ways you can look at the theory of distortion just pushes new possibilities and I hope to keep reading and developing my practise to a point ready for assessment.


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