‘Distorted Collages’

This term I have really started to think about ways in which I can connect deeper to my sleep paralysis in connection to my collages and so I have began a little journal where almost everyday I plan to make a new collage. This A5 book, I hope will express how I’m feeling on that day and/or reactions to how my sleeping was that night. I feel this will not only be a personal venture but something which will help me document and understand my work to a whole new level.

I named this piece ‘clustered crap’ – As even when I began to think about the idea of making a collage a day, my mind automatically started thinking about 100’s of possibilties and avenues I could go down. In the stress of the moment I made my first multi-layered collage. I wanted it to have a sense of organisation through the layering and areas of cutting, overtaken by the multiple thoughts that were runnung through my head.

DAY 1: 16/05/17





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