Exhibition at 1 Lake Road, Roath (Site Specific)


Making my own site specific exhibition was a tremondous oppurtunity and I was extremely happy to get the kitchen area practically to myself! After just completing My largest collage to date, I felt this only felt appropriate to add in and it fitted near perfectly on the wall. I used the shelves for my selected framed collages, these tied in effectively agaisnt the large scale piece. I wanted to express my diversity in scales and selections with image and colour. I finally decided to complete the exhibition with my latest video and photographic screenshots. I felt that the intensity of the ending with it’s disturbing twist, would have a good shock factor and surprise the audience. I still plan to make another video to run on a loop alongside this one if all goes well. The photos were an unexpected success actually, the idea had risen from seeing the different vigorous changes throughout the moving motions of the video.

The overall grotty and eerie vibe of the house was perfectly fitted to the theme running through the exhibition and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the reactions I was getting!