Personal Statement

Throughout the progession of my Fine Art study this year I feel I have truly started to express and find myself from an established artistic angle. I’ve moved away from focusing on topics surrounding texture and surface and came onto personalising my collages with my own issues. With mark making I have began to find a definate style which demonstrates a push towards what I want my work to express. I have always been inspired by the likes of Robert Rauschenberg, Kurt Schwitters and Cy Twombly, who all have tendencies towards the ‘found’ and ‘discarded’. I want my work to also emulate these titles, focusing on the layering of them but intertwined with my photography. Playing around not only with mediums but scale and shape, I am coming to understand exactly what works best with what and how I should handle the quality of the work. The above artists manipulate in such a range of textural surfaces to often either express their modern day influences of artist movements and personal memories. Dumas (my selected artist focus for this year) also creates work which focuses around personal memories but can often be slightly politcal for ‘rights’ such as famous gay, black and mentally disabled people. And with focusing around the subject of Sleep paralysis and it’s sub-heading ‘Distortion’, the work I have developed express my memories of tormenting dreams in a way I feel becomes just as personal as Dumas’ strong views on memory and daily issues in life.

Sleep paralysis is a sleeping disorder which gives you the temporarily inability to move or speak which occurs when you’re waking or falling asleep. This is a conditon I am currently dealing with and have been for the past nearly two years. The video and photography manipulations I have created are a kind of replica demonstrating the traumatic experiences that have taken place during these episodes. At times i’ve found it hard to breath and feel like i’m moving which the majority of the time I can’t but on small occasions the odd little thing has occurred, such as my arm being in the air and the gittering of my teeth. The main issue would defintally be the hallucinations though. in these situations it has got to points where I feel like i’m being stabbed in the side, chased out my room and even strangled. But these don’t even touch the surface of the list of events which occurred and i’m now using my work to portray these happenings. Through video i’ve been able to create sounds which relate to the struggles with breathing and speed of the breath and so forth in relation to the intensity of the vivid incidencies.

Bruce Nauman was a massive influence in the expansion of my latest video especially and after watching his videos with repetetive, creepy sounds and bold gestures with his face, i’ve been able to really consider what areas need to pushing further and to an extent dramatising. Whether you find my work disturbing and/or fascinating, I want you as the viewer to be on the edge of your seat and really feel the impact of seriously eerie and hopefully powerful work.


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