Large Scale Collage

IMG_6522 copy

This is my largest scale collage to date and I am extremely happy with it. Through previous processes and artist research, I have learnt more about myself and when to add more or less of a medium efficiently. Adding a diverse range in medium has also created further interest and textures. Mark-making has played well to the layering of distortion and with strong influences from the likes of Cy Twombly, Arnulf Rainer and my all time favourite Robert Rauschenberg (who has also influenced me through my last field project), I have been able to truly understand what it means to manipulate and work with a type of surface and medium.

I now want to go onto creating some more ranges in smaller contained collages and less gestural collages with contrast in materials. Overlaying will be something to keep in mind of strong importance, this is due to its build of structure and strong relation to the theory of distortion.


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