Kurt Schwitters

My latest inspirations have risen from layering multiple textured papers over and over, Schwitters collages have stimulated and inspired some of these processes. Schwitters is known for his textured, rough surfaces, often depicting imagery which revolves around the subject of ‘Merz’ – which is Schwitters own form of Dada. Influenced mainly my cubism and surrealism, Schwitters swerves towards using rubbish. This idea of the ‘thrown away’/discarded, labels, packages and cardboard are popular choices. I feel that this style works well in my own practice to push towards ideas of layering, repetition and distortion through imagery. I want to now go onto experimenting in a range of forms, from the torn to the cut out and the spacious and the filled, I want there to be diversity.

I am also going onto making a little book of ‘distorted collages’, with using Schwitters raw style as inspiration and idea of collecting the found, I plan to make a piece most days which reacts to my sleep, whether it’s from a general nightmare or simply something someone has said to me which has effected that following nights sleep; I want to capture an essence or reaction of my sleep through a way in which I can relate to.


Schwitters_Saint_Pauls_LOpened by Customs 1937-8 by Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948


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