Considering Exhibition placing: Site Specific

Open House:

At the moment my plan is to exhibit my two final outcomes at the Open House Venue, I feel this venue would suit the aesthetic of my pieces as the whole concept revolves around this old, eerie and creepy feeling. I want a space which only enhances these feelings and puts you as the viewer in this form of head space. Suffering with sleep paralysis myself for the past two years, I have encountered some extreme situations and I feel this venue would  be the most appropriate to express them through my personal artwork.

My first outcome will be one or a series of videos which express my sleep paralysis, with ‘distortion’ as a sub-heading. The only worry I’m having at the moment is the fact I want to project my videos and i’m not entirely sure yet that this venue has the resources to do so but if it works out, the damaged suffaces and dark, worn out textures would be key to the finishing touches my work needs.

My second outcome is going to be either one larger or a set in range of collages. I’m still deciding on how exactly i’d display these but at the moment overlaying feels like a good idea. Using frames which I could also potentially collage into so that the work all sort of imigrates in together could work. This idea also plays well to the distorting aspect and unclearness of imagery. I have also considered projecting my video(s) over these collages as another layered dimension and distorting factor but experimenting is obviously needed to see if this could work.

Finally after looking at artists such as Bruce Nauman, William Klein, Cy Twombly, Bill Viola and Kurt Schwitters, my use of collage, sound, scenery, mixed-mediums and imagery have been enhanced and truly made me realise the kind of exhibition placing I need and I can only look forward to what”s coming next.



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