Sleep Paralysis: VIDEO 1

After developing previous videos which have began to stimulate around my personal issues and the expressions I often feel in these vile circumstances, I have considered how they may work in combination. Considering more than just using myself in each clip, became an apparent strength to push upon. Layering in areas broke up the scenes and reinforced areas which were becoming slightly lost. A contrast in sounds seemed to work a lot better and breaking up shapes worked well for a change in dimensions.

I am especially proud of the ending of my video where the full force of distortion takes place, I’d worn anyone with epilepsy to look away!, this ending adds more drama and creates a more enticing close, I am now trying to figure out whether this firsst video needs more development or whether I should continue onto the next, either way I am happy with where it’s heading. The blurred like qualities of the film, in areas I was initially unsure on but I’ve grown to work with this effect and not only does it play well to the whole concept of distortion but it gives a ‘behind the scenes’ dark edge, completing the overall aesthetic.

The sleep paralysis project really helped me to consider all of the above and and to create a more ‘put together’ piece. Bruce Nauman’s work has also influenced tremendously, using repetitive scenes and a combination of stills and fast motions.

Thinking back to my original artwork i’ve been stimulating all my work around (Marlene Dumas: ‘Rejects’), I feel I have really been able to connect to her use of blurring and unclear facial qualties of her subjects. Creating figurative works inspired by personal memories and a diverse array of printed matters, I ammediately found an attatchment to this relation to memories. My personal memories are through my sleep paralysis so aren’t always essentially ‘real’ but vivid and as intense as what actual memories can be.



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