‘Divine David’




I have recently came across an extremly intruiging performance artist called ‘Divine Dvid’,  taking on a persona is something I hadn’t entirely thought about, although I guess to a point I do this when expressing the different things I feel in my sleep. His on screen large images in the background have inspired me to want to project my videos now and see how a larger format may work. I’m also thinking about potentially performing in front of my videos once project and recording over this and going back in and editing this. I could potentially get some interesting shadows and shapes and this will also add a whole new dimension. I want to also feel like i’m trying to come out of this nightmare holding me back.

Hoyle, often makes jokes about common issues and expresses life, sex, and fame. Being bullied as a child and the struggles he’s gone through in life influence his work tremendously. Health issues come into consideration and his strong, emotional feelings.


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