Key note lecture: Peter Blake reference


After attending James Greens’ lecture about portable art, the artist Peter Blake stud out to me. His use of collage in such a delicate manner, pushes boundaries between the clustered and organised. The cross between the detailed and the plain works effectively and the use of imagery only enhances these qualities.

Blake’s use of comic strips and collection of objects and wonders, or the ‘art of collecting’, is a conceptual art form in itself. With extensive obsessities towards collecting, there is somewhat sense of an overall palette other than what one would expect of a collection of old photographs, posters, etc. A line of fragments of pottery act as a frame along the top of many of Blake’s works.There is often this feel towards the dense and old, creating a personalised story throughout.

My work with collage, lately especially has great use of imagery. Using imagery, often my own photographs, draws upon the personalisation of my own issues. Layering different textured papers, expands the variety but also links strongly with Blake’s dark tones. Text is another quality which seems worth considering, size balances out the overall appearance and expanding with use of other mediums helps with my theme of distortion. I also like how Blake has quite constructed areas but then uses tears and blacks out parts at times.


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