Bruce Nauman


Sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing, printmaking, and performance are the primary mediums of Nauman’s work.

“With the films I would work over an idea until there was something that I wanted to do, then I would rent the equipment for a day or two. So I was more likely to have a specific idea of what I wanted to do. With the videotapes, I had the equipment in the studio for almost a year; I could make test tapes and look at them, watch myself on the monitor or have somebody else there to help. Lots of times I would do a whole performance or tape a whole hour and then change it. I don’t think I would ever edit but I would redo the whole thing if I didn’t like it.”

I feel much of my work lately has been greatly influenced by Nauman’s production with video art. The use of multiple imagery combined with the idea of repeating has effected my developments for the better. Sounds which also repeat create a weird eeriness and match the continuess tendencies towards a likeness towards darkness. Nauman often uses his body to explore the limits of everyday situations, as do I to express my everyday, personal situations. Finding inspiration in the activities, speech, and materials of everyday life, Nauman’s work gives character and expression. Volume levels are tested often and I think doing so could really impact the solitude of my video pieces and creating my own ‘voice’.


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