Key concept lecture: (Based around White chapel series)

Davida Hewett lecture:

Martha Rosler: Garage Sale

© 2012 Scott Rudd

  • Socially engaged practises, “Mirrored engaged oppurtunities where the viewer can engage with the art”.
  • Social forms to bring everything together within everyday life.
  • 1973 – first Garage sale in California, evokes systems of value?

Joseph Beuys: “Social Sculpture”


-Politics/political parties

-Gordan Matta Clark, food 1972, place for conversation/socoal interaction.

-Building cutts, around architecture, negative spaces cut into spaces.

Helio Oiticia:

Just performance art?

Collapsing multiple elements.

Frustrated with one dimension paintings, looks at ways in which endless possibilities arise through opening the door out of galleries and into three dimensional spaces. Much of his work often aimed to reconnect art and life, in some of the work people are invited within the work itself and much of his work aims to subvert ‘purity’.

The Happenings: John Cage


Taken over by Hippie culture, using the viewer as a participant.

Kaprow – Household-viewer as a participant-given instructions (but not told what to do word for word)

Divisor, 1968


Minimilist sculpture – no point in making art just for arts sake.

-Unity as an organic living whole

-Wrapping yourself in items – all about senses/interaction.

Claire Bishop:


-Experience of gallery art – using a space and  deciphering it.

-Curry’s used to give to audiences, communalities the making and the eating being the art.


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