My current understanding of material, culture and values

throughout my projects previously, I have tended to swerve towards a very black and white style. Considering intensity and impact between the person and it’s surroundings. Whether you’re the focus in front or directing from behind the camera, the contrast between the two main elements are the drive to the next steps in the developmental processes of my practise and with choosing Morocco as a basis around my next project, I hope to push on these ideas further, taking me out my comfort zone. (although one will have to be careful with taking photos and they can take, taking photos without permission as a sign of disrespect).

From reading up on and gathering research around Morocco in preparation for my trip to Marrakesh soon, I have been able to develop a stronger understanding on Morocco’s cultural values. It feels as if it’s going to be a whole new world away, and with this one means not only culturally but environmentally. Moroccan general cultural values can quite easily consist of public interactions such as camel riding, henna sessions, and food classes. Markets (Souks) are a high selling point and you have to prepare yourself for some intense haggling, but they will sell some beautiful jewellery and ‘hippie’ type clothing, amongst some other splendid attire. Sugar and pastries are also high sellers.

When it comes to the respect in Morocco, they do expect Women especially to be covered pretty decently, men aren’t so bad but all are normally required to be covered head to toe when attending the Mosque and these are considered as holy sacred places especially for Muslims. Scarves are a popular wear and also highly used for camel riding. Moroccan’s tend to eat food with their hands and  if you are invited to join someone for a meal, you should always eat with the right hand as the left is supposed to be used for the toilet.

After reading and learning about Moroccan cultural values, this made me think about my own material values and what is of great importance to me materially? Some of the most basic essentials that I take for granted would be things such as toilet roll, hair dryer, cooking appliances, cleaning products, and general roof above my head. These are just some of the materials we may find so basic but are actually a much greater deal to many others out there. Materials which I find a bit of a greater deal but still maybe not for the same reasons as others, would be a phone, laptop, expensive clothing, and jewellery. Reading upon Moroccan cultural values has really opened my eyes to the diverse changes we have culturally and just how significantly different we are across the globe as a race.

I also feel like this trip with enhance and widen my art capabilities, venturing out with colour and having a whole new state change, I want to keep to the subject of distortion in my main project but see how much impact and influencing a new cultural city can bring?



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