Field Reflection

Now I’ve came to the end of my Home Truths project, I have 6 refined, collective plates.

I have learnt some new, interesting processes along the way including with clay and slip decoration but my favourite was the decalle. I always find myself being drawn towards a more graphical approach and feel this was the most professional and cleanest root to go down. When using slip decoration I found myself making a few mistakes with layering but in the end the designs worked well as abstract types. Initially my designs for final plates were going to be a lot more abstract and collaged then they actually are, but after talking with my tutor we both agreed this idea with the dinosaurs seemed most exciting and followed and interesting theme. I went with the concept of which where my brother fixates on one subject, with one of those being his love for dinosaurs. He disregards everything else around that interest and becomes excited to tell you all about that specific subject. My brother has ‘DcD’ (developmental coordination disorder), ‘OcD’ and dyspraxia amongst other issues we’re slowly finding out. From these facts I went onto drawing a range of dinosaurs and made matching collaged text. Initially this was for the back of the plates, to bring forth the idea of only my brother knowing the names and telling you their names himself. but later realised they’d be a lot harder to recognise and actually work better beneath the dinosaurs. The collaged, scattered outer ring was to give the idea of everything else around my brother becoming a distortion and messy. – a confusion/loss of interest.

When it came to printing my designs, I later found I was handed a repeat of each design and that they were actually a lot smaller than anticipated. At first I panicked a little but after thought about them more so as kids plates which actually made more sense with the concept and used the repeats altogether on one larger plates in the shape of a flower.

I see my plates being displayed in an exhibition more than anything as I feel they aren’t easily recognisable as such at first and require a read. They’re more so abstract snippets into my brothers personal issues and I’d rather they weren’t typically immediately obvious to what they’re trying to express. Being displayed in gallery will also look professional and make sense to how I envision the final display.



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