Artist Statement & Formative feedback/development

I feel this term I have really started to find my own identity and pushed myself a lot more than I could have anticipated. Dealing with a sleeping condition called sleep paralysis and researching into this as a topic in itself has helped me to understand what it actually is but has influenced the development of my practice tremendously. Working a lot with texture and collage last year and overall throughout my practice, has helped me to push on this further but more so with photography manipulations. Within my developments, I am keeping to this structure of distortion. I am interested in how an image can become multiple things and subsequently disjointed and/or disfigured etc. Within my sleeping paralysis I can often feel paralyized and as if some figure is suffocating me and these are all things I wish to push further on.

Artists which have influenced my practice extremely this term are Cindy Sherman (taking on a persona), Daniel Gordan (more work with collage and considering colour more), Hans Bellmer (disfigured/awkward positions) and Rebecca Horn (pushing boundaries with the human form).

distortion through collage as well as photography is something I am keen to keep developing further and on larger scales and after discussing with a tutor they felt my collage work was some of the strongest. Using ranges of marks and perhaps looking back at work such as the Summer project could help the development of this. Distortion can come in many forms not just the human figure and another valid point made was the potential to maybe look at my surroundings and how they could relate in some what way. Using this idea in the videos could create more dimension and fluidity. Cast of a mask – project/video with this?

Some more ideas I have came up with for further developments were to project my collages over my body and record and take photos of this, bringing a whole new outlook and process to the subject of distortion. More work with sound in my videos could have potential, using more documents of my sleeping. Considering ways of public reaction to distortion could be another element to consider. Text could also work maybe?

Overall I am happy with my progress from first term and I am keen to push these developments to the next level.


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