Home Truths: Chosen Subject



We’ve suspected from a very young age of my brother having some form of learning difficulty but never to the extent it has came to but I am learning more and more about his issues as weeks go by and understanding just what they’re about. He can do most things kids his age can, he just takes a lot longer than normal and needs patience and some understanding.


My brother has ‘DcD’ (Developmental c0-ordination disorder) -A motor skills disorder.

-Therefore has delays in reaching the normal.

-Problems with reading and writing. (also Dyslexic).


Hypermobility: -Syndrome is a condition that features the joints that easily move beyond the normal range expected for that particular joint.

Little things we’ve started to pick up on more lately and have been notified by Jack’s teachers are that;

  • Needs extra reminders on the walls next to his space at school and by his bed at home.
  • Needs special cutlery for his grip.
  • Pencil grips.
  • A slope for stability.

-Jack will find it hard to understand why a date for a specific event has been changed when you’ve told him somethings happening on that original date. -Finds it hard to understand the concept of change. -Once you’ve said somethings happening, it’s happening in Jack’s eyes? -Becomes upset/distressed.

-Will only take in information of his personal interest. Jack often walks off when not interested as in his head it’s either not for him or what he needs so doesn’t really need to listen.

-Will often take ‘timeouts’, runs around the dining room table or jumps around the trampoline. Can become upset if you interfere.

-But on the other hand Jack can remember things on a long term basis to impress or show his love for you. often reminds me of my favourite colour for example in object association.


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