Chosen Object for material project task

For our next task we were given a set of different letters and images and asked to write down any words which came to mind, influenced my the words letters and images around us which changed every so often, we had around 10 minutes to complete the task. once this part was complete, we then had to select words we felt stud out then narrow it down to one. my word was Repugnant – from this word I had to put a time, date and place in association. These things would be the seed to the development of a performance we had to create for next weeks lesson. We were then asked to research onto our date and make an object in relation to everything we’ve noted so far, to incorporate into our performances some how, keeping in mind ways to relate to our subject developments.

I chose a recent date and had a lot of things about black Friday coming up, this led me to making a quick mask from my own photos. The mask was to represent this idea of you being disregarded as a person when everyone goes wild on black Friday. A person has even been killed before and I wanted to go on and make a video which expresses the lengths people go to get an offer and how much they forget about you as a person.






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