Marlene Dumas: Further research

The first people, 1991

-Widely acknowledged as one of the most prominent and influential painters, Dumas expresses intense psychologically-charged works.

-Themes expressed such as sexuality, love, death and shame.

-References to art history, popular culture and current affairs.

-Never paints directly from life, instead choosing to use pre-existing images for her source material. – she states that “The photography is the starting point and the painted image is what you end up with”.

-Dumas’s work from the1980’s were primarily based on the human form. – demonstrating complex investigations of the interrelationships between painterly gestures and subject matter, the photographic image and text. Between the viewer and artwork.

-Dumas’s “Image as Burden” solo exhibition” demonstrates her whole career. – The title is taken from a small painting in 1993 – choice of title’s play with our preconception – affect the interpretation of painting and acts as a lens.

As I am extremely interested in the mediums of photography and collage and the topics of distortion and possession, I want to use Dumas’s Reject work in particular, as the root to the development of my practise in these areas. I feel focusing on her intense, personal subjects, will help the growth of my own professional practice. Similarly to Dumas, I’m more interested in the effects and the subject of the work rather than simply gaining a direct copy. Considering the ways in which I use my mediums for more effective outcomes shall be key in the continuing growth of my own work.



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