Anna Mendieta

After getting feedback on my performance through images, I was told about the artist Anna Mendieta. I realised that my work may have been more effective if I were more ‘bare’ (naked). As much as I was happy with the images, they came off a little stylised and I kind of wanted a more eerie/mysterious vibe. This was a really good learning curve though and I will go onto considering this side of things a lot more in the future.

Mendieta is a performance artist, sculptor, painter and video artist who is best known for her “earth-body” artwork. Just from looking at Mendieta’s expressive work, I’ve already been more inspired and plan to look at different ways of displaying myself in relation to this eeriness through distortion and sleep paralysis. mendieta-corazon-de-roca-con-sangre-b_w-450x304



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