Material Project: Performance piece based on a given set of words


After being given the task in writing our names on an envelope for 10 minutes without the pens tip leaving the surface, we were then given each others envelopes at random. The name task was interesting in terms of testing my mentality in itself along with concentration and how I’d generally react to the surface for that long solidly.

IMG_0683.jpgOnce given my words, I thought about how I could illustrate them through some form of performance. As I  was visiting a friends home for the weekend with lots of woods, it seemed only fitting to explore these areas. I ended up with an intriguing range of photos which I tried to also incorporate my subject ideas and influences within. Focusing around distortion and possession but still looking at the given words, I created these set of 30 images.

The main idea here was in 24 hours after leaving the house, I started to become overwhelmed and influenced by my eerie surroundings. There were plenty of trees and spikes surrounding me and I felt myself being taken over by the worldliness around me. Trying to break free of this dangerous ‘nightmare’, running and running, I came to a stilt.


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