Referring back to Stockholder

Installation notes:

Paint/bright colours are there to react to the subtleness of the objects.

The bowling ball at the entrance is a form of bell – It signifies this idea of VIP entrance. You don’t need to ring and be let in by anyone, you’re walking onto this red carpet as a guest. She’s trying to show us as viewers that there’s never one way of doing something and so on with the hanging of the Industrial items, she’s pushing away from the idea of things being the ‘everyday’. stockholder wants to kind of have a new outlook on everything, there’s more than way of looking at something.

The carpets and clothes are there as a form of skin – layering=differential specificity.

Engages the viewer by multiple objects being spread around the installation.

Pushes boundaries – expressive and can also be not repetitive but have the same object multiple times but often in many different positions/angels. wanton-heed-7905-007-web


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