More about Specificity

Medium specificity is all about being direct and precise so when it comes to considering the essay this will be one of the most important things to have in mind.

-Arts & Crafts movements: “Truth to materials”

-Clement Greenberg: “concreteness, purity”

By acting solely in terms of their separate & irreducible selves. – (Media & technology theory). Specificity becomes apparent through both the medium and differential aspects.

Differential specificity for example is where an artist which likes to paint but once the works language has been engaged, you’re underlining a theory in some what way. – knowing how to use/work something.

why are you doing something? – The philosophical understanding – not just a painting (no longer autonomous).

William Morris creates a theory of which where he explains you’re trying to get the most out of your material, but always in such a way as honours it most. – Forget about being an artist, if you swap your material around you’re creating theory through/around your practise.

Clement Greenberg defends abstract art:- “To restore the arts identity, the opacity of it’s medium must be emphasized.” – When the painting is so realistic the medium is kind of disregarded. – Abstract brings depth/texture.

Medium specificity in media: Marshall McLuhan- To understand media you have to look at the effects. Is it natural that we can often see one medium through another?




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