Limits of the Specificities

  • Began with Aristotle and passing through Kant.
  • Ontological – questions around the being of something – taking into account categories such as how it was produced. – The complexities.
  • Instead of answering everything, you’re questioning something more intensely – more of a discussion is created.
  • There’s never one way of doing something.


  • Painting and system – what constitutes a theory of painting – the choice of where to paint/what onto/what pushes you to make those decisions? – What are you aiming at?
  • “It’s the same thing for the critique as it is the artist” – You can depict something from initial encounter. You’re continuing to learn more about the work, the more you look into something.

Louis Althusser is a relatively radical theorist with a differential specificity theory which poses a question of needing the text for in relation to it’s object. Surely you need the context to handle the object? Geology – Poetry: Which do you need within the discourse of the object?

He is basically getting us the question everything – the language of how we use things. Ontologically redefining ourselves.

eg. before there is even a chair, there was things such as a set up guarantee? Things which form the metal/structure. Manufactured structure?


-In order for something being to get somewhere, it must have been deeply researched/analysed.


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