Looking at specificity & within case studies

What is the medium specificity?

A medium is often specified through the material which is used for ones artifact and so forth but in these lectures we have started to learn and question this may not always be the case.

For example specificity could be identified as a relationship between the T.V. programme and it’s secondary sources and looking at case studies shall broaden our knowledge whether the medium would be individual or contrasted.

We have began by looking at the artist Jessica Stockholder who uses the quote;

“With Wanton Heed and Giddy Cunning, Hedging Red and That’s Not Funny”-Stockholder

Which is also the title of her exhibition, she used a diverse range of materials for the exhibition which included; heaters, tables, flourescent lights, ropes, cables, portakabins, shelving and filing cabinets, building materials, linoleum floor tiles, paint, lamps, red carpet, bowling ball, boat. This exhibition was a prime example of which to question and try to understand what the medium specificity actually is. The title is partially used from a poem she knows extremely well and her own words, creating a more personal context to which expresses her exhibition and creates this personal experience. Stockholder’s exhibition looks at boundaries and form in particular and whether the materiality and the dimensions of the installation actually have any boundaries. The exhibition expresses the things you may inexplicably like within medium, space etc and the way you see space and how easily this can be enhanced/changed. Perception comes out to play and things are left out for the public to ‘understand’. The exhibition revolves around the fiction and real life events. She also attaches ‘random’ objects together to further ideas of questioning the creation of an object/devise and steering away from the norm. In doing this she feels you’re letting go of the typical process and obvious structures of creation. stockholder wants the people to see how the world can actually more abstract and surreal than typical robotic processes of the everyday. With ‘Hedging red and that’s not funny’ Is a play on words she uses to question our own significance and importance. As she uses a bowling ball as a doorbell for form of entry, not needing to knock, you’re recognised as vip with red carpet treatment. The making of something new and fantastic such as the latest Iphone, is made into such a big thing but stockholder wants us to realise the oddest and most peculiar of things can be just as amazing.

So as well as questioning the mediums specificity, the mediums identity and use for its specificity becomes just as much as a question in it’s own right.



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