Cardiff Museum: Selecting an artefact

One of our first tasks for Field was to go off in small groups and select an artefact which represented a part of home in some way, shape, or form. I was immediately drawn to this piece by Edmund De Waal, called Mur Porslen (2005). I really felt I could relate to this idea of order and structure, everything has a place and looks neat and tidy. When I’m home I often get frustrated with my mum, sister and brother in terms of clutter and messiness and this artefact strongly represents my ‘ideal world’. I would love everything to have a more modern and fresh feel, I enjoy the simplistic and the minimalistic as where my mum likes a lot of pattern and colour.

Although the artist speaks about how initially the ceramics may appear the same, they’re actually quite different from one another. The colourings are all slightly different, they all have different marks and the sizes differ throughout. There is the idea of perception which is tampered with, not everything is perfect even when you have slight OCD like myself.

Looking back at this work later I also saw some connections to my main project, as I am looking at distortion and distortion within sleep paralysis, this idea of each object being different and this notion of imperfections, I felt some strong connections. we may seem okay and one way at a glance but is all as it seems? These ideas sparked ideas of distorting the body and creating these dents and marks through the body. 65b73f588d28fa884ca386441d3b0225.jpgimg_0109


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