My chosen piece of art

Marlene Dumas: Rejects 19994-2014 (detail)

“Art is not a mirror. Art is a translation of that which you do not know” Dumas, 2003

-Dumas seems to continue to translate the image into something more distorted and less recognisable but sees this as its truest form. Nothing is meant to be obvious to you, we are here to question and delve deeper than just the image its self. Do you ever know the real you? Your identity isn’t just what’s shown on the outside, whether you’re seen as less or more significant than others, it comes down to us all being the same and equal in our own right.

-Dumas is widely known for her subjects of the ‘rejected’, with this term she means subjects such as different races and homosexuals – the ‘less’ important.

I decided to go with Dumas as my starting point as after going to her ‘Image as Burden’ solo exhibition at Tate Modern a few years ago, I was overwhelmed and don’t feel I have really been able to express my interest in the artists work and how it’s continued to inspire me.

-Dumas’s Rejects pieces show interests towards complexities of representation.

-This piece was made mainly with ink and graphite and pinned directly to the wall.

-Shows ‘reject stories’ in South Africa that sold clothes with imperfections.

-Made an artistic process of selection and judgement visible – maybe implying a parallel with the ways in which society accepts some and excludes others.



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