Selecting an artefact

For one of our first sessions in tutor groups we had to meet up at the national Museum and select an artefact to talk about and how it made us feel/think of. My group chose this piece by Auguste Rodin called the Earth and Moon. (1900)

Made with Marble, we were initially quite shocked that at areas were made with the same medium. You can tell quite easily with the body surfacing, soft and smooth but we felt the bottom surfacing seemed quite like rock with some crystallisation. The more we looked around the artefact, the more we realised how different it looked at every angle, the lighting only enhanced this factor. The detailing’s became more apparent brought through another dimension. Where areas only seemed chipped away, others became alive through strong linings and intricate patterns. I thought that the bodies seemed as if they were falling and the ‘rock’ was some form of waterfall. Although the colours was fairly subtle, the lighting was enough to draw me as viewer in closer and I feel a more exotic colour could have taken away the beautiful detail which has been portrayed.



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