Key concept lecture 2: FAILURE

Paul  Mcarthy:-

*Failure of the looser

*Reminiscing artistic actions

*strange rituals – mixing paint/ketchup/shit etc

*Perceptions of strange art actions – (towards van goth)


-Live work becoming un-sellable – becoming the artwork (Claes Oldenburg)

50/60’s artists – Fluxis:

*Idealism and doubts

*Error and incompetence

*Experimentation and progress

*Dissatisfaction and rejection.

Mike Kelley: Banners, Cary Leibowitz, kick me, 1990

-Creativity and failure after Michelangelo -own practice space – new ways of thinking and knowing.

Felix Gonzalez, Torres

-We can’t remember everything we’ve done – only aspects – we create doubt/ an illusion.

Bas Ian Alder

famous mythological artist – gravity/falling

-Absurdity of existence – systems of inbuilt failure.


-Quality or power in an actual life experiment/experience. Cezary Bodzianowski – fear of judgement.



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