Key concept lecture 1

Conclusion :- Post Modernism

-And end of faith in the ‘Grand Narrative’

-Absolute values lost

-Singularity gives way to pluralism: micro-politics

Take over from macro-politics

High/popular culture – distinction lost.


Local politics – tending towards subjects such as feminism – (micro)


(Macro)- Popular -Depth model of meaning lost – there is no depth – all things levelled, under pressures of capitalism.

David. Oath of Horatii, 1784


-God’s given the power to rule, sacrificing individual right – in the rights to fight.

Manet, Rue Mosnier with flags, 1878


-Trying to create efficiency – ways of selling – drawing customers in but when actually experiencing feels chaotic/less organised. Challenging artists who created classical, he’s away from the norm.

Jackson Pollock:Modernism


-Becomes quite diverse; Greenberg’s idea of abstract expressionism becoming a reductive notion.

Robert Rauschenberg


-Paints from the world – Manhattan; Introduces into his work. Sparks of abstract expressionism. Kind of mocks the art form – loss of direction? -Refers to the broader world – clearer appropriation.

Andy Warhol, Multiple


-Repetition – exposed continuously to reproduction, there’s nothing authentic essentially. Effectively making a commercial image – superficial world.


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